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  • Google Webmaster Tools Links Report Wrong

    Google Link Report BugGoogle confirmed a bug with the link report tool within Google Webmaster Tools.

    In a Google Webmaster Help thread, Googler Asaph Zemach confirmed an issue with links being reported to specific web sites were inflated and wrong.

    Asaph said in response to some complaints:

    We had a problem in one of our backend systems that caused this issue.

    We believe the problem is now fixed. I checked in WMT and the “links to your site” data looks correct now.

    Please let us know if you are still seeing issues. Note that it’s next to impossible for us to debug problems without a site name to work with.

    We apologize of the inconvenience and thanks for using WMT.

    What I found pretty interesting outside of the issue with the report and it coming a day after I published the poll results saying 68% feel Google Webmaster Tools isn’t accurate is that the site in question here was just published in a big story in the Wall Street Journal.

    The Wall Street Journal article is named Sites Retool for Google Effect and covers one web site, this site, that took a big hit. And Googlers are responding to’s questions in Google Webmaster Help forums.

    Anyway, I am not sure how wide spread the bug was with the Google link report tool, but I wanted to make sure you all knew about it.

    Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

  • Bing Upsets Webmasters By Linking Images Directly To Image File

    Bing ImagesBing has made a minor change that can have a major impact on webmaster’s traffic. If you search at Bing for images and then click on the image, instead of Bing taking you to the page with the image within the context, it takes you directly to the image itself.

    For example, instead of Bing taking you to this page for the image used at the top right of this post, it would take you directly to by passing the content on this page, the ads, and the impressions I get to this site.

    A WebmasterWorld thread has a complaint from one webmaster, where he said:

    hmm incredible now Bing makes the same mistake as google, they only show the image not the site anymore, dont they get it, that sites with images have a lot of bandwidth to pay for so they are dependent on ads like CPM ads, they need real impressions, not just hotlinking.

    this is placed instead of your page : Displaying this page may force you to leave Bing Images. Opening the page in a new window will prevent this.
    Open in a new window | Open here

    On google a script worked to redirect to real page, but how to do this with bing any suggestions.

    Does this upset you?

    Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

  • Yahoo’s Poor Earnings Blamed On Microsoft Ad Deal

    Yahoo Carol Bartz & Microsoft Steve BalmerYahoo announced their earnings Tuesday night and it was not pretty, especially on the search side. Search revenue was $357 million, a 19 percent decrease compared to $440 million for the first quarter of 2010.

    Carol Bartz threw Microsoft, their search ad partner (the ones Yahoo sold out to and gave up on search for), under the bus.

    Yahoo’s CEO, Bartz said:

    “adCenter isn’t yet producing the RPS we hoped for and are confident as possible. Advertisers are seeing strong ROI (return on investment), but technical limitations in the current adCenter platform mean the click volumes just isn’t there yet. We had expected RPS to be neutral by midyear, it’s now evident that it will take Microsoft longer to achieve that goal. We expect that to happen by year-end. In the meantime, the RPS guaranty helps protect our revenue and our view of the long-term potential of the marketplace remains unchanged.

    “We are working very close with Microsoft on this. They understand the issues and they’re hard at work on systems architecture, science models and better features and functions in adCenter. They have an aggressive roadmap to bring those to the marketplace.”

    Danny covered this well under his story named The Yahoo Search Revenue Disaster. A picture tells the story well:

    click for full size

    click for full size

    Anyway, it is just Yahoo’s sad story that continues on and on.

    Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

  • Google Define Operator Having Problems?

    Google DefineThere are two different threads reporting issues with Google’s define operator.

    A Google Blogoscoped Forums thread and a Google Web Search Help thread have complaints about the operator. I should note, it does work fine for me.

    But people using the [define:word] command in Google are being taken to a error page that reads:

    A search for [define:apple] now return:

    No definitions were found for apple.

    - Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
    - Search the Web for documents that contain “apple”

    Like I said, I tried it myself and I get Google Experimental logo and taken directly to Google’s definitions page.

    It may be that Google is testing and rolling out a new interface for definitions soon. Google Operating System has a screen shot of the new interface, which embeds the definitions interface within the normal Google search results user interface. Here is a picture:

    click for full size

    I do suspect it is a bug in the user interface test, which is why I can’t reproduce it.

    Forum discussion at Google Blogoscoped Forums and Google Web Search Help.

  • Google Drops Tags Ads Within Google Maps

    Google Places Tags AdsAbout a year ago, Google revamped the Google Local Business Center and renamed it Google Places, part of that was introducing Google “Tags.”

    A new, simple way to advertise: For just $25 per month, businesses in select cities can make their listings stand out on and Google Maps with Tags. As of today, we’re rolling out Tags to three new cities – Austin, Atlanta and Washington, D.C. – in addition to ongoing availability in Houston and San Jose, CA. In the coming weeks we’ll also be introducing Tags in Chicago, San Diego, Seattle, Boulder and San Francisco.

    You can see the example of Tags on the picture above.

    In September we reported that Google was aggressively pushing tags as a Google ad option. Then in October, they pulled the ability for the website URL tag option, which made it a lot less useful.

    Then last week, Google announced the end of tags. Google said:

    We’ve made a decision to shift our efforts toward other present and future product offerings for local businesses, and will be discontinuing this trial. To that end, we’ve now halted new signups and will be working with existing participating businesses over the coming weeks to help them meet their marketing needs with other Google products where possible.

    We’ve learned a lot from our Tags trial and will take that knowledge into account as we continue to find the best ways to serve users and local businesses alike. Lastly, we want to thank all of the businesses that were part of our Tags trial, and we hope we can meet their advertising needs with one of our existing products.

    Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

  • Google Fashion Retail Store
    Google Fashion, Priština

  • Most SEOs Feel Google Webmaster Tools Is Not Accurate

    Google Webmaster ToolsDo you find the reports within Google Webmaster Tools to be accurate?

    We ran a poll asking just that question a few months ago. We asked Do You Find Google Webmaster Tools To Be Accurate?

    Only about 5% felt the reports were “extremely accurate” while 12% said the reports were “completely wrong”! Of course, like with most things, it is not black and white. 56% said it is “not so accurate” and when you add it with the 12%, you get 68% feeling the results are not all that accurate or completely not accurate.

    Again, they may be accurate and this is all just perception. If so, only 25% say it is “accurate enough” and the 5% said it is very accurate, so 30% are confident in the reports within Google Webmaster Tools.

    Why is there a lack of confidence in these reports?

    Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

    This post was written earlier and scheduled to be posted today.

  • Bing Looks Bad ‘Cheating’ Google But Google Ain’t Pretty

    google the cry babyNo one likes a cry baby and that is the way Google was perceived by many when Google told on Bing for ‘cheating’ in early February.

    If you missed the story you can read it here but in short, Google noticed Bing was looking at the searches people conducted at Google via their IE browser. Microsoft denied it was cheating and some called Google childish and immature.

    But who came out looking worse? Google or Bing?

    I ran a poll and received around 700 responses. Truth be told, most people felt Bing came out worse, with 52% of the responses saying it was Bing. But Google did not come out squeaky clean, 30% felt Google looked worse. While 9% said booth look really bad, another 9% said they simply do not care.

    Google Bing Cheating PollHere is the break down of the question “Who Looks Bad: Google Or Bing Over “Cheating” Spectacle?”

    • 52% said Bing Looks Worse
    • 30% said Google Looks Worse
    • 9% said Both Look Really Bad
    • 9% said I Don’t Care

    Forum discussion at Sphinn, DigitalPoint Forums, WebmasterWorld, Google Blogoscoped Forum & Google Webmaster Help.

    Image credit: Brandon Baunach on Flickr.

    This post was written earlier and scheduled to be posted today.

  • Google Exodus Video

    Today is the second day of Passover and I thought it would be fun to share a video by Aish named the Google Exodus.

    Note: I am currently offline today for the holiday but I hope people get a kick out of it, if they have not seen it yet.

    Forum discussion Search Engine Roundtable Forums.

    This post was written earlier and scheduled to be posted today.

  • Yahoo Custom Knives?
    Yahoo custom knives Poland

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